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Hey there, Welcome to My Commission Site! Here, you'll find all the essential details, including Prices and more.Don't forget to explore my Socials too!

!! I dont do any Avatar or World Commissions !!

About me

Hey! My name is BlueFox as you probably already guessed haha.Im a 20-year-old German hyperactive boy, I find immense joy in crafting 3D Renders of my own OCs and those of my friends. By day, I work in Warehouse Logistics in Germany, but my true passion comes alive during my free time when I'm creating VRChat Avatars/Worlds and 3D Renders. My dream is to establish myself as a prominent 3D Artist on Social Media and within the VRChat community.In case you see me in VRChat running around and being some weird little Gremlin then seek shelter and ignore me! RUN NOW! BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.(I'm joking)

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Software i use

Sivi Dance, check her out!
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Personas/OCsAnthroHumansMechsAnimeObject/ItemsProfile Pictures
Avatar Thumbnails for Gumroad/VRChat
360𐩐 Avatar/Item previewNSFW (depending on the scene, ask me first, and i need you to verify your age)Fetish Art(Same as above)(Can be edited later on)


Status Legends

Contact me on Twitter @BlueF0x3

Current Commission Status: SLOW

Contact me via my Twitter
I only do Blender renders as Commissions, i don't do any VRC Avatar/World Commissions anymore!

Do's and Dont's

Commission Guidelines:

1. I reserve the right to decline commissions that are too challenging for me.2. For NSFW Commissions, I may decline if the content is too extreme.3. Payments are accepted only through PayPal/Ko-Fi.4. IMPORTANT: To create your render, I REQUIRE the model files (FBXs, Textures, and any additional items).5. Rest assured, all model files will be stored securely on my NAS Drive and will not be shared with anyone.6. Upon request, I can delete the model and its files once the commission is completed.7. Before finalizing the payment, the customer will receive a hard watermarked preview of the full render.

GoreAnything offensiveFan Art (I would require the persons model)(Can be edited later on)


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Cycles Render


Complex Avatars/Models +10€ - +15€
Complex Backgrounds +10€Second Character +15€.

Full NSFW Cycles Render

My OCs cannot be involved in any NSFW Commission


360𐩐 Avatar/Item showcase


Item showcase

Icon from Furtrap


Avatar thumbnail for VRChat/Gumroad



⮝ Check this model out! ⮝
Sapphire by TheSilverMonk
Im a link btw